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Majid Al Futtaim


MARCH 2024

For Majid Al Futaim's 2024 Brokers Awards, the focus was on luxury, intimacy, and delivering an unforgettable event experience. WEW took a bespoke approach, curating entertainment and content tailored to the client's desires.

Guests were greeted with the enchanting melodies of pianist Ryan Gibb, known for his performances alongside Robbie Williams. Illuminated by candlelight, his music set the perfect ambiance

as attendees enjoyed delightful starters and engaged in lively conversations.

Ryan Gibb Piano Candlelight
Sunsets Together Dancers
Dream Theatre by Sunset Event by West End Worldwide
Dream DXB West End Worldwide
Trophy Awards West End Worldwide
Majid Al Futtaim

The evening unfolded with a mesmerizing performance by our dancers, adorned in intricately designed costumes reflecting the sunset theme. Enhanced by custom projection mapping and an aerialist, their graceful movements captivated the audience, earning thunderous applause.

Under the guidance of MC Layne Redman, the awards ceremony proceeded seamlessly against the backdrop of Dream's textured wall complimented by our bespoke projection mapping. Attendees cheered on nominees and celebrated winners, creating an electric atmosphere.

The event reached its climax with a stunning encore from our Sunset dancers, symbolizing achievement and success. Following the awards, guests savored delectable main courses and desserts, accompanied by the vibrant sounds of a DJ and saxophonist duo, ensuring a memorable conclusion to the evening

The performance starred:


Alexander Velasquez,

Anzhela Karasova

Jared Jordan

Leidy Agudelo

Luis Quintero

Mariia Kozlova

Sofia Negret Cubillos

Wilder Aagudelo.


Thalia Valtierra

Host: Layne Redman

Piano Vocals: Ryan Gibb

Sax: Adam Long

DJ: David Buckley

Producer: Lucy Magee

Director/ Choreography: Scott Marshall

Lighting Designer: Steven Critchley

Costume DesignL Tiffany Valentin

Projection Mapping: Art Novi

Make Up Design: The Creative Face

Stage Manager: Nasebba Sacranie

MEDIA (More available on our You Tube channel)

  • YouTube - Black Circle

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