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MAY 2024

Rarely does a theatrical producer enjoy the freedom to create a show for a corporate client around such a daring theme—it was truly a dream job!


We created six unique alien characters to greet guests in the interstellar lounge as they embarked on their journey. Passengers were treated to a "Virtusa Vaccine" (mocktail shot) and interactive experiences with cyborgs.

The show kicked off with our Galactic Space Crew delivering a unique safety demonstration, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey. Guests were immersed in a captivating video accompanied by a mesmerizing soundtrack and android voiceover, transporting them through alien galaxies and getting them ready for their 'inflight entertainment'...

Cue our 4 acclaimed West End Vocalists performing two exclusive intergalactic medleys curated by the talented Barney Ashworth. The final set, based on a 'rock music' theme blew the roof  off and saw confetti cannons and blasters fiull the room with space sparkle!

Another highlight of the night included a stellar performance by the sensational Ana Kovaacevic, presenting an otherworldly opera, followed closely by an electrifying display from our talented electric strings ensemble.

The awards evening culminated with an alien saxophonist performing alongside a space DJ, creating an atmosphere of cosmic celebration.

Of course, any success hinges on the strength of the team. We meticulously selected the finest talents to ensure every aspect of SPACE SPECTACULAR exceeded expectations.

The performance starred:


Natalie Gray

Maggie Lynne

Steve Hutchinson

Duncan Heather



Anzhela Karasova

Emily Pelaez

Jared Jordan

Jerry Abarquez



Ana Kovacevic


Electric Duo:

Olga Trifanova and Tatiana Durova



Adam Long


Walkabout Performers:

Liliya Kaadirovna

Karalina Link

Luciano Tuzzi

Maikel Hernandez Diaz,

Maria Santana

Marcel Brouillet

Space Spectacular by West End Worldwide
Space Spectacular by West End Worldwide
Space Spectacular by West End Worldwide
Space Spectacular by West End Worldwide
Space Spectacular by West End Worldwide

Creative Team:

Producer and Creative Director: Lucy Magee

Director: Grant Murphy

Musical Director: Barney Ashworth

Choreography: Scott Marshall

Assistant Choreographer: Jared Jordan

Video Design: Ben Rogers

Costume and Make Up Design: Q Art Tiffany Valentin

Costume Supervisor: Rachael Sower

Technical Team:

Lighting Design: Steve Ctitchley

Sound Designer: Calum Robinson

Stage Manager - Louisa Allen

  • YouTube - Black Circle

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