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March 2019




















The performance stars in alphabetical order:


Calan Marshall - The Boy

Cathy Read - Girl at a Virginal

Chris O’Reilly - Soldier

Daniel Noah - Boy in a Turban

David Haydn - Anthony

Donna Combe - Cooks Wife

Greg Doherty - The Jester

Jamie Macdonald - Rembrandt

Ian Good - Cook

Lucy Miller - Wife of Dastardly Man

Maddie Daley Brown - Lady in Waiting

Nick Hayes - Man in the Wall

Oliver Hume - The Artist 'Jan Steen'

Patrick George - Paige Boy

Sam Macagherty - Soldier

Sean Francis George - Dastardly Man

Stephane Anelli - Lucius

Tara Stapley - The Lacemaker

Terrelle Kay - Cleopatra


For full cast biographies - CLICK HERE


Producer: Diverse Choreography and Events

Creative Director: Lucy Magee

Director: Grant Murphy

Choreography: Katie Bradley

Combat Specialist: Chris J O'Reilly

Costume Designer: Pippa Batt

Costume Assistant: Nicola Stimpson

Props: Leonard Ramecker

DSM: Louisa Allen




  • YouTube - Black Circle
Louvre Cast
Louvre Abu Dhabi

West End Worldwide were honoured to be the Creative Directors of a very special live event for the iconic 'Louvre, Abu Dhabi' museum with Producers Diverse Choreography and Events. 


For the first time in the Middle East, visitors to The Louvre could see 16 remarkable paintings by Rembrandt Van Rijn, as well as rare pieces by Johannes Vermee, Jan Lievens and Carel Fabritius. The works are drawn from the Leiden Collection and celebrate the Dutch Golden Age.  


We were delighted to have the honour of bringing to life the breathtaking piece of art - Jan Steen's 'The Banquet of Anthony and Cleopatra'. Our team created a theatrical piece of entertainment and performance art using acting, movement, dance, combat and much more!


A unique, immersive performance.


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