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Dubai Soul Singers


FEB 2024

West End Worldwide were tasked with putting together a choir of soul singers for a private event in RAK and boy did we deliver!

We are so proud of each and every member for working under intense pressure and delivering a brilliant performance in the middle of the desert! A big thank you to Adam Burgess for the fantastic arrangements, you did a wonderful job!

And so a new act available in Dubai was born... ladies and gentlemen we give you 'The Dubai Soul Singers' - watch this space!

Producer: Lucy Magee for West End Worldwide

Musical Director and arrangements: Adam Burgess

Staging: Anzhela Karasova


Chinwa Hawk

Shanice Michaels

Rina Olis

Ryan Keen

Laila Ashraf

Lorendo Brown

Neisha Harley

Nick Pritchard


Anzhela Karasova

Maria Kozlova

Andriy Povoznikov

Denis Senkevich

Dubai Soul Singers
The Dubai Soul Singers
The Dubai Soul Singers
The Dubai Soul Singers
The Dubai Soul Singers

MEDIA (More available on our You Tube channel)

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